how many members has ravelry lost

The divisiveness, finger pointing and intolerance is seeping into everything, I so wish knitting, yarn, needles and patterns could help fix it. like people judge me no matter what, and so I say little because in turn I fear the Some of us choose not to support a site that that will allow anti-Trump support but not pro-Trump support. Thank you for sharing. I actually felt pretty terrible for her. You could choose to make it not political in any way, shape, or form: state that as your policy and stick to it. That was ugly, but it got worse at the end of February. I use Ravelry to catalog my family through items made with love. I hadn’t been on Ravelry for a while, but saw that many were leaving and looked up why. Deanna, they banned people just for having the kinds of discussion we are having on this blog. I’d go back and double check, but of course, I cannot, since the pattern was removed. Wiping out all the conservative Jedis that mostly kept their opinions to themselves (trying not to make waves). Banning talk and support for Trump is not a bad move on their part. I do needlework for relaxation, not activism. Thank you for saying everything that I have been wanting to say but have been too upset to articulate! The same happened in 2012. Well made points. Thank you. I, too, deleted my Ravelry account after they posted their ban. Thank you, my feelings, exactly. I was so disappointed, and I too felt unwelcome. It had nothing to do with my political beliefs either, like this blogger – I did not like that ravelry professes to be all inclusive yet chose to exclude a group of people. Moreover, they lost access to patterns that they had purchased with real cash money. I haven’t had time to think about if I’ll delete my account. Zero. He is the first real estate developer to assign a massive project to a black woman manager ever. I used to tell people that knitting was an emotionally safe space. Being a gay man who knits in this community is nothing novel. There are plenty of appropriate political sites where you can discuss politics to your hearts content. If I was at all interested in politics, I would join a political platform. But just two days after the service announced its $9.95 deal … They say it’s not, but they are lying.. All the social media sites are trying to band together to keep us from knowing the truth about the Democrats and what they did with Hillary to stay in power. How can we see each other as equals if we are determined to separate everyone into their own little slot. I’m admittedly still not always exactly…. They had no idea that Trump would be the man to release the anger pent-up in conservatives for eight long years of insults and silencing. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us in such an eloquent fashion. This post was suggested to me and it was like an algorithm knew what I wanted to read. Knitting and Crochet will still go on. If it were anyone other than their supreme leader that had been banned, these phonies wouldn’t give a damn. Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been feeling. It’s such a shame to see Ravelry doing this. What didn’t seem to have changed since my time on the ListServs was that Ravelry was intended to bring people together around a shared interest, not drive them apart over something unrelated to the craft itself. with homosexual things, however I have friends and co workers who are gay and they’re perfectly pleasant people who I enjoy speaking with. I don’t agree with everything our president does, nor have I agreed with all the actions of past preaidents. However, I will survive without it. Keep knitting, spinning, weaving and playing with yarn! It was a warm-up for what’s happening now. Sometimes it takes me a second to figure things out. They enjoy sharing ideas and untangling knotty problems. Through knitting we should be hoping to build alliances with our alleged enemies through the majesty of our shared craft. At least one good thing came from this Ravelry nonsense! I also want to mention something else. I deleted my account, too. None of that was done here. I am a South African. Obama administration reports say that 2,325 U.S. soldiers had died in action as of October 2015, but a staggering 20,083 were wounded while fighting in Afghanistan. I learned long ago that no matter how hard you try to persuade someone to change their mind about politics, the harder they dig in. However, I will be leaving a comment about their decision on their site. I’m a conservative Christian woman and I felt the same way about Ravelry. 3 months ago i participated in a conversation and ended up getting banned from speaking for 3 months. (Seriously, I can’t stop laughing!). Thank you for your words. They must not have known that “racist” Trump got an award from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition for helping black youth in New York. I have shared this so others can learn from you. Does that automatically make me a bad person? Sorry, not buying it. I don’t want that for myself or anyone else. Go to any of the tech/social media/information sites — Google, Twitter, YouTube (a Google subsidiary), Yahoo, Pinterest, Ravelry, etc. exactly! Ravelry is so one sided. Ravelry has international reach. They’re supposed to be the coexist crowd! I just want to chat, make things, and build bridges. Also Ravelry is a public forum but it is owned by the two creators. The most I wanted to debate is which is better continental knitting vs american knitting. The table below has information about the total number of service members, battle deaths, and non-mortal woundings in wars from 1775 to 2017; such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and II, Vietnam, and more. MizDi gives a vivid description of the type of conversations taking place in The Bunker’s knitting klatch, as well as they way in which the group’s moderators policed overt racism or other offensive material: As the election cycle came to a close, we got more and more negative attention [from SJW trolls]. Susan, Pingback: Bigotry Is Not Ok (or Ravelry Is at It Again) - Dreaming If. We cannot silently stand by while people spread their hate no matter what platform they choose to use, be it Ravelry, FB, or any other platform without speaking up. I do it out of love. They might find out you posted here and ban you too. The people who think that they are being “inclusive” are the most bigoted of all. I so wish Ravelry had a change to their policies that said, “Everyone come to the table, bring your projects and lets talk.” But, instead they insisted that some of you aren’t welcome here. The whole point at the start is that Trump separated himself from the white supremacists from the very beginning. The last sheep and wool festival I attended, all the left-leaning TDS knitters did was bash POTUS when no one was even discussing him.. they were so obsessed and it all started with those stupid pussy hats. I’ve been a member of Ravelry since the by invite only days. I’m so sick of being labeled as a -insert vile crap- here because I like to shoot, or that I don’t think burning cities makes any sense or whatever or that I believe the right to self defense is important or any of a number of other non pc things. Gregory, one of the most thought provoking and eloquent blogs you have written, and you have written a lot of them. If anything, Ravelry’s stance has been the kick-starter to start other fiber art online communities. I care for ALL of our fellow men. I feel like we are now standing on shaky ground and it frightens me. I don’t get it. That, however, does not go along with their agenda. Companies need to maybe not jump into the fray all the time. Patons Decor can be a good alternative. 4. I have been very sad since Ravelry’s announcement and the outpouring of hatefilled rhetoric that is tearing our community apart. Also, I might add, that accusing half the country (and knitters who support POTUS) of supporting white supremacy is an extremely unfair characterization/generalization of a lot of people. I am reading that you are saying Ravelry is justified in repudiating all Trump supporters as ‘unambigously white supremacists” but that’s okay in your book because a tiny fraction of their members stupidly doxed people who espouse liberal views. I feel it’s dangerous ground to silence only one side. They just said no one could talk about Trump. Leaving Ravelry makes me sad. While I fully support Ravelry and their bold decision to create a truly safe place by implementing this policy, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your perspective. I didn’t like either candidate. I don’t have an avatar, stash etc. I have been an active member since November 2007. I have struggled with my thoughts and feelings over their new policy since Sunday. I can’t be on another site that promotes segregation and negativity, we get enough of that everywhere else. They should have banned ALL political post and kept the site about fiber arts! I look forward to following your knitting adventures and I’ll be sitting here crocheting along with them. Much love ~C.~. Lottsa books out there. was made by a person from Mississippi it was a racist remark), intolerant, homophobic, etc etc etc.  Any word you can think of (and you can even dig down into a dirty ditch and you’d probably pick up a name our group has been called) as derogatory. It never ever occurred to me that a knitting group, the largest on the planet (I think they have 8 million members) would ever opt to say that only some people are allowed here. And why does everything have to be politicized? I had an email from one of the Russian knitters I had purchased a stunning pattern from who asked me what kind of idiots were in charge at Ravelty. Only one perspective is allowed. It’s not about promoting inclusiveness. Sheri Shaw @, So very well said, thank you for expressing what I felt in my own heart. But you can’t have it both ways, and have it be respectful to the wide diversity of membership on Ravelry. I was referring to Carrie’s post about conservative Jedis. I feel the same exact way…well, almost…I am a woman, straight but conservative and a lover of yarn…i won’t even look down my nose at you because you knit instead of crochet LOL…But, if we cant sit and Knit (or crochet) and be civil why walk the face of the Earth to begin with. Many of you will recognize the name Ravelry, and you should. I’ve switched to much less expensive, and still gorgeous reproducable yarns. Because I see people in distress and want to help them. . I’m not trying to be contentious…I’m truly trying to understand that characterization, because I’ve met a lot of people who say they voted for Trump, and so far I wouldn’t say any of them are “scum.”. I remember every minute of it. Nice. I don’t think we can rely on the news channels or Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or Kitting blogs to to find the truth about our government leaders. You’re angry that people aren’t welcoming you with open arms, but how can you expect that when you stand with a group of people who actually genuinely want entire groups of humans to leave the country? Which I gather you include anything you disapprove of as HATRED. I have been in an absolute tailspin since I read their declaration of war against anyone who is conservative. I think the best way to impact them is to contact their advertisers and enlist support of others to stop purchasing patterns. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And I, for one, find that a very poisonous thing to do to a community. The fiber community lost one of its most joyful members this week, with the death of Cat Bordhi on September 19. Gregory, while I appreciate your opinion of Ravelry’s stance, I happen to honestly believe Trump in a terrible person, and spews hate. I also sew and quilt. It makes friends. Just strive to be a kind and caring person. I don’t care who on there is LBTQ or any variation thereof – it has nothing to do with me (I just live and let live.) How is that NO politics? Long Lost Family Bulletin Board. Shut up. Thank you for your sensible comments. Apparently, I’ve had my head stuck in the sand. The few GOP groups are being infiltrated by liberals who’ve never before chatted in those rooms until Sunday and now are systematically entering every corner of the site to engage conservatives into conversations that ultimately get them banned. Voters are also less informed. But anti-conservatives can use whatever nasty expletives and rude, disrespectful comments in posts, patterns, etc. I saw several, but chose to ignore them because I support freedom of expression even if I disagree with it. But I do have patterns in my library and comments. I still don’t. '(very rough paraphrase). They don’t want to bridge gaps. I extracted my data and deleted my account immediately. Here’s what MizDi has to say about those groups (and keep in mind that this was all taking place back in 2009): For those that haven’t been keeping up, Ravelry used to be just a fiber arts community-type website. But they will allow F*** Trump patterns to be sold and they did say that anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist too.. But at least Grandma could post her Trump2020 dishcloth. If you can’t see the difference or understand why a inclusive website(s) would do this it’s probably better that you do leave. I hope they get to pocket more of their earnings instead of going through the middle man. There is a Go Fund Me to help with expenses too. I actually didn’t even vote for Trump, but I’m one of those crazy people who support the office whether my preferred candidate made it there or not. You have a long way. You can write and write…and just hope to God it is read by someone who will appreciate it. I too have closed my Ravelry account! Somebody please explain to me! 2nd time. *UPDATE*, This Thanksgiving, things for which I’m thankful. I too will be deleting my account today. In this politically divisive climate having a haven where those differences don’t have to be confronted is a positive. You would think that they would have left us alone since their candidate won. What I heard was no political ideology from eirher perspective would be allowed which is appropriate for a forum devoted to needle crafts. Here's a fun Ravelry tip. Well done! I too have enough patterns until I am too old to see to knit. Thank you for the time and effort obviously expended to publish your well-articulated thoughts. There is currently a FB page titled ‘Walk Away from Ravelry’ where many of us have congregated. Their site is free to users, and vendors can take their business elsewhere if they wish. I have nothing but disdain for Trump but this policy is just divisive. Gallup has previously reported that church attendance has dropped more among Catholics than among Protestants. There are more things going on with their decision other than just Trump issues. There is also a FB group for venting. There’s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, my friend! I too deleted my acct. CDN - Communities Digital News, by Frances Ponick Original Article. Conservative Christian 72 yr old straight white woman here. No place for politics or racist, gender biased bullies. As long as you treat others with dignity and obey the laws of our country I don’t care if you are fat, skinny, a woman, a man or can’t decide. What they said was that anti-trump members could say all kinds of awful things, but labeled anyone who even supported the presidency, as flawed as it might be, a white supremest. Very well put. The hysteria over race, inclusion, exclusion, and anything else they can think of, keeps pushing division and devisiveness into Instagram and it increases the level and amount of vitriol being spewed with each attempt. In EllieJane’s McCain group, we started getting other people joining … some who’d been dissatisfied with the Conservative Knitters, some who enjoyed the GOP Knitters but were also looking for a more active group to play in. We need to get to know our neighbors. But they can’t seem to… at the NY Sheep and Wool festival all I heard was Trump hate.. All of the sudden I’m a supporter of white supremecists and hate! My LYS is beyond inclusive! AD. And we can be like sheep and be silent, or we can push back at this injustice and poison to the fiber community. For the life of me I will never understand actions like this. I also handcraft for relaxation, family, and charity; not for activism, but it would be heart breaking to give it up just because the ones who yell the loudest are on the opposite side of us politically! 3. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that behind this ban, was hypocrisy and bigotry. today, vrc lost a family member I can't quite remember exactly how many years ago it was, but I do remember the day when my older daughter, Tania told me there was a guy out front who wanted a job. I am thankful I saw your blog, and truly appreciate your thoughts. Some of the best knitters I’ve ever known have been men (as was the best bobbin lace maker I’ve ever known). Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. Yes it is a shame what has happened to this site which as I get all my patterns transferred to my computer I will delete my account. … you are amazing! Twenty years ago, 76% of Catholics belonged to a church; now, 63% do. And I have always loved being part of a beautiful fiber community first as a knitting instructor, then a yarn shop owner, then an owner of a wholesale hand dyed yarn company…and now a.shepherd designing yarn from the hoof on up. !Ok, that’s not all I can say, but that is the first thing I want to say. He has been painted that way by the dems and the main stream media. I am 68 and have seen presidents come and go. I am a straight, white, conservative knitting enthusiast but I wasn’t there to push any agenda, or question anybody else’s belief system or way of life. There are enough political forums in the internet without it infecting the crafting world. I agree that their “company is not about knitting anymore.” So I join my voice with you and all the commenters here that have written exactly what I am feeling. Yeah, I suppose there are plenty of hate mongers on both sides of the fence, but to drive members of Ravelry away because of some misguided hatred for President Trump is ridiculous. Why not just put a ban on all political talk? But, I will respond. I usually agree with everything you write but I must disagree with you on this one…it seems to me that Ravelry is not banning people who are in support of trump only their actual support because in their (and many others ) opinion he is a gay bashing ,race hating white supremist and they are trying to keep all that off their forum…they don’t care what you believe as long as you are not bashing others for following YOUR. Please tell me why a person who voted for Trump is automatically a white supremist. Take your ball home, Ravelry. I know it will take time to transfer everything, but I don’t want to give Google revenue from the ads it runs on my “free” email. My first reaction to the new policy was sadness. I’m a cross stitcher, and on occasion I crochet. As a rational person, I know that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to agree with 100% of the ideas of any party, given how few of them there are to choose from. It’s about breaking down society and making people distrust their neighbors. If it were my thing, I’d sign right up. That’s a double standard, it’s wrong and it’s far from even handed. I feel as their new policy has succeeded in doing the exact opposite of what they claim they are wanting. Again thank you, What happens to all your information when you delete it? I agree that we all need havens from the storms around us. “RR”) who supposedly try not to antagonize people in other groups by actually participating in said groups … instead, they direct their friends and co-horts to whatever groups has come to their attention through various means … and then they make fun of the people involved in their own group’s discussion pages. topic-specific social media discussion forums ban political speech/prevarication of any stripe. But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided. Before my children came along and changed my focus, I was active in some of the earliest internet knitting ListServ groups. So in the disappointment of finding out one of my favorite places to find patterns is squashing my free speech and artistic expression, I found the light that is YOU. Not one person has even attempted to answer it. I know, I know. Political correctness is the anathema of free speech. We can politely agree to disageee on certain aspects, or scroll on. In an effort to tell the world that Ravelry’s policy promotes inclusiveness they have failed to see that their policy is hypocritical. We were not, however, politically correct. Yes they did ban people. Maple Grove, MN. I’m sure that I will be banned simply because I was a member of one Conservative Group there. I’ve been reading thru your posts and listened to a YouTube video. I don’t feel comfortable purchasing from companies who are tied to a Ravelry, either. Australia has $1.1 billion dollars of unclaimed money. There are patterns there I’m waiting to download! .. Ravelry (if you look at it from a political point of view) is very much left of center. Nice, huh?. I left after their post on Instagram said there could be no discussion. If you can not see the difference…ask yourself why. I was a proud member of the NRA. Maybe you would have an idea where to start. To walk away as you have done takes courage & resolve to be the best you can be, something the narrow minded bigots who dare to bring discrimination into a crafting forum can never aspire to nor understand. (Again, just dumping all knitting, yarn and pattern IG pages. These skeins, these needles, these movements of beauty that shift from knit to purl and back again to build something beautiful may be the only thing in this divisive time that some of us have in common. Why do you think people who agree with Ravelry aren’t thinking for themselves? It’s not about bridging gaps or bringing people together. Blatant censorship. It never ever entered my mind and I have been knitting for over 50 yrs. Use our bulletin board to search for lost relatives and missing people by name or keyword and check to see if someone is looking for you by posting a query.Then take a look at our list of web resources for clues to help you in your search and add sites you've personally found useful. Geronimo Jackson has been referenced in six episodes of Lost as well as in The Lost Experience. I have seen a few blogs/vlogs from various designers who have stated they are in the process of removing their patterns due to the new policy. So you know what it feels like to feel different, to be afraid. We did NOT allow racism, sexism, or what most people with common sense would consider hateful. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for reading! But some things remain the same and knitters (and other crafters) are as congenial as they used to be. Like others, it’s in the starting stages, but more and more features are being explored and are in the works. The people who can’t seem to find anything wrong with this policy are the ones that it isn’t affecting. ... Deadliest Catch has been on the air for more than 14 seasons now and the audience still comes back each year for more drama! I’m with you on this. Do you agree all Trump supporters are bigots?? As you know, you and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Yesterday I made the decision to delete my account also. This was back in the early 1990s. They didn’t want to hear it. I could not agree more! I want to delete my account, I don’t know how. I won’t export your library. We continually cautioned our members about “feeding the trolls” we tried to self-censor as best we could without stifling conversation and reasonable free speech. Deleted mine as well. Every single dollar helps! But, yes.. Knitting is supposed to be calming.. Ravelry was Thanks for that. My beliefs , political, religious, are my own. Liberal bullies stooping to liberal name calling tactics. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Keep up the good fight. I just wanted to thank you for your Honest writings, here. It is not only unfair, it is damaging to our country. Add my name to the ‘Found you after leaving Ravelry’ list. I support Ravelry in their decision. So that had to die a hideous death in the name of "fairness". And I sent them a note, a friendly reminder: “These skeins were not spun to be weapons….”. Which tells me that they are missing the point behind this craft. Bwahahaha. Ravelry was the site for fun patterns but a few years ago they allowed vulgar patterns then politics. Well, you would think I would write that the trolling got so bad Ravelry told those sore winners to go elsewhere, either to another group within Ravelry or to another fiber arts site altogether. And we listened! It is such a shame that the creators of a beautiful website could then digress to hatred and break their own policies of mind your own business and walk away from opinions you don’t like. Our creativity should bring us to a neutral place. You can be conservative and knit and enjoy the community as long as you don’t lash out to others for having different lifestyles. I have SO many cute photos of my babies in booties, Grandma in mitts, step Dad in hat, etc. They labeled about half of their customers in a hateful way. I’ll keep you posted. We knit and donate hats and scarves to those that need them. As a designer and teacher, Cat was known for her innovation, ... For many years on Ravelry, we'd release new features or site changes and work together with users in the For the Love. I could see it coming when they started putting so much emphasis on race and gender. It’s like assuming that everyone of a particular group is a criminal or drug user or promiscuous. But we all did so with the utmost respect for each other and not one person ever left angry or hurt. All we can do is listen, observe and check voting records. This is not meant to be negative nor accusatory- I would really like to know. No evidence of the alleged doxing incident leading to the new Ravelry policy has ever been provided. Makes me sad. I left rather than continue to be a part of an organization where I felt unwelcome. I’m not defending Trump, necessarily, nor am I objecting to expressions of gay pride. That’s family! Long story short, I would have been ok with their announcement had Ravelry NOT labeled a group of people whom they don’t like or agree with as white supremacists. To me they are racists and gender biased by just putting so much emphasis on it. So sad we have to feel unwelcome on a site that claims to be “all inclusive” and shoves a ton of people into one slot to be hated. I will try to download my patterns. And these are supposed to be the coexist people. It’s just that the extremes are the loudest. And I just don’t believe their company policies have anything to do with knitting anymore. Lol. Greetings & Happy New Year!! Thank you so much. As long as you don’t attack me for having liberal ideas (and because I’m from Europe, for us Liberalism means something else than it means in the US). Keep spreading your wisdom, and your beautiful knitting!! I began praying again, in earnest, for the removal of pure evil from this world. That is what political sites and open forums are for. I am deeply disappointed that Ravelry has gone the way of the insane and alienated so many. But now the highest-level positions of his Cabinet … Although crafters usually work in the privacy of their own homes, they are in fact a congenial group. Thank you for this. That’s their point. Being told we’re white supremacists because we support the president of our nation is definitely being excluded. We can still knit and share patterns and ideas but just because one has a different skin color shouldn’t be abused. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 2. It will affect sales of pattern designers who may or may not even agree with what’s been said. Actually, I find it amusing that people who claim to be so inclusive are so bigoted. However, it’s time to go. I’m a straight white girl who was raised going to church regularly. the political opinion. Ran across your blog while looking for the way to delete my Ravelry account for the very same reasons you so eloquently expressed. It is very simple. I recommend DuckDuckGo. A puppy would probably lick a serial killer if the killer fed and pet him on a regular basis. There’s even a group that calls themselves “Ravelry Rubberneckers” (a.k.a. Consumers satisfied with Ravelry most frequently mention fiber arts, white supremacy and social media. anyway, I think thats the point, Rav owners stated (in their written statement) “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.” They broad bush painted /ACCUSED others of being “white supremacists” If they didn’t want politics, they should have banned hate speech against trump, F*ck Trumps patterns, as well as banning any political patterns/comments supporting ANY political point of view or candidate. But it’s under consideration. Originally I was going to ignore this because the ban doesn’t affect me, as I’ve never expressed anything political online nor wanted to make a MAGA tea cozy. I deleted my account for similar reasons. I want to be in a community with other knitters. Ravelry’s old logo, complete with Pride flag to show their history of inclusion. And God knows we need that NOW more than ever. Knitting is the one place I could always talk, laugh, and connect with anyone, just on the premise of a single common interest. Thank you, so much for this post. Sorry but I don’t buy what your saying either. I don’t care what anyone’s politics are, I just want to turn pea-green with envy over everyone’s knitting skills. By making this decision, Ravelry didn’t just silence conservative crafters; it locked them out of their notebooks. I’m about as conservative as a person can be. Soon we became a haven for over 600 members. May your intarsia be flexible and lie flat. Secondly, I fail to see how anything could have been any more offensive than a project reading “F” Trump. That’s how we fight back. No… Ravelry said Trump and his supporters are clearly ‘white supremacists’. We all have to pick the side that aligns more “closely” with our ideas, even if we don’t agree with all of them. Very well said! Big difference. It’s not just an innocent description. They are really enjoying this moment. I agree. McCain’s decision to put Sarah Palin on the ticket energized the group but, within the group, as within America’s larger body politic, brought out the crazed haters. This is so eloquently said thank you for posting and so true it breaks my heart to see the world getting more and more divided, I am 59 my sisters were 8,7,6 years older this is so not how I was rasied…my mother said you like EVERYONE till that person upsets you dont group people togerher….I grew up in the world of we each have a side, Lets Talk which is what knitting and knitting with others does, you are so far ahead of these people who wear blinders. Beautifully put! I was so angry at the way they chose to enact their decision. I’m terrified every single day that I live in this country that I’ll be hunted down like an animal by ice, thrown in a van, and put in a camp. I deleted my account as well. I’m going to look on the bright side. “LSG”) … their parents must be ever so proud. Well said and I agree with you completely. Trolls don’t like this. The producers of Lost have asserted that Geronimo Jackson was a genuine, but obscure, 1970s rock band, which released one album entitled Magna Carta. They need to hear from the liberal side of people also find these policies unacceptable. That was awesome. Love your bears. I am not in control of anyone’s lifestyle choices except my own. Thank you for being you!! Today we have about 1,500 active advertisers - most are active Ravelry members and many are very small businesses. Quite right. They cannot even fathom the same things can happen to other groups as well! I can live without all their bells and whistles when those bells and whistles have strings attached that are untenable. But, being devoid of political content was not what Ravelry said. That shop owner was stupid. Thank you for capturing what I’ve been thinking all week. Instead of dragging down a book, within seconds at my computer I can summon up videos or information pages (or patterns, free or otherwise) that far exceed the contents of those now out-dated books. I didn’t end up deleting my account. These RPGers, the majority of whom spend their every waking hour on screens, couldn’t take the time to check online for the definition of nationalist. Remember the ‘Nazi’s came for the gypsies & it didn’t affect me, they came for the homosexual, & it didn’t affect me so I said nothing…..then they came for me & there was no one left to help me…. Posted By: BigAlPeoplesPal, 7/6/2019 2:38:08 PM More Ravelry members are voicing their objections to Ravelry banning President Trump supporters by posting videos on YouTube. Ravelry - - Last reviewed at September 17, 2020. Sandra, you summed up it so well. If he was, I would not support him. You don’t want to sit at the table with us. As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart. Some people are uncomfortable with that, and I let ’em be. Moi explains the official attitude towards the SJW attacks on conservatives: Only behind the scenes [the site administrator] told our admin not only that he KNEW he was throwing them under the bus even though they have worked with him to clear up any issues that were flagged, but that he appreciated that he could work with our moderators without being attacked. Instead they said all who supported his “administration” which is basically the entire White House and 63 million Americans were white supremists. If there is any positive that comes out of this, it is how it is bringing people together. Thank you for putting into words the betrayal I am feeling. Ravelry = Darth Sidious, imho. Truly, thank you so much for that! The people whining about ‘too much divide’ in our world then go ahead and divide it forcefully. We love our country and want what’s best too. I think a lot of people fail to realize that behind many wonderful conservatives are people who just want to let others get on with their lives, and expect others allow them to do the same. I feel Ravelry is completely missing the plot on this. Now I am being told I am a racist white supremacist. Aside from sources relating to Lost, there is no evidence for the existence of this band. Haven’t heard back yet….then I noticed she is a volunteer rav editor…. When I first heard on the radio Ravelry’s decision to ban support of President Trump on their website, I thought it had to be a joke, so I went to Ravelry and found their post. I find it impossible! Many of you will recognize the name Ravelry, and you should. The very fact that you contradict yourself in your own comment — by claiming Ravelry to by “inclusive” while they clearly aren’t and then advising Gregory to leave if he “doesn’t understand” shows your own narrow-mindedness. So it’s about knitting and fiber arts and the politics THEY allow. Many posters voicing displeasure over this anti Trump policy are having their criticisms demeaned and/ or deemed entirely leaving the impression that nobody cares about this change. Then, BAM! The hat pattern which said ‘in God we trust’ was removed…or maybe it was ‘God is love’. or to mitigate incidences of discrimination which violate Federal law and result in damages (either material damages or “pain and suffering”). But what wasn’t fine was the whole “You can’t support Trump here” thing. One thing I’m wondering is will those patterns still be available in other users libraries once they have been removed from Ravelry? Started by core members of the original Sphinx team, Manticore's goal is to deliver fast, stable and powerful open source full-text search solution C++ GPL-2.0 68 0 0 1 Updated Aug 14, 2020. Your kidding right? All political statements and items reflecting hate towards a person or group should be banned and removed. So when Ravelry decided that I’m a white supremacist just because I don’t rabidly hate every single idea that comes out of Trump’s head (though I do wish he’d put that damn twitter account down once in a while), I had to leave. I lost a few friends over the past few years over politics. Discussion in 'The Women's Room' started by MollieA, Sep 1, 2011. Ravelry is a free social networking service and website that beta-launched in May 2007. I can love you and not like your decisions! Said Moi. I was deeply saddened to delete my account and leave the community of Ravelry. Having apportioned blame to its satisfaction, Ravelry first shut down conservative groups and then shut out conservatives entirely. I am very much a bring us together person, no matter what you believe you can still be human and talk! One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. Not to mention my 800 pattern queue and extensive photo stash library. I will say at the sheep and wool festival a lot of the knitters appear to be on the TDS/anti-trump side …I mostly ignored them at the festival… never debated anyone.. kept my views to myself.. now all of a sudden the entire site has to take a stand… now?!?! It is like a gut punch reading your comments. Yet, I don’t go making a big hoo ha about my country’s politics on a platform that is supposed to be a place for crafters. And that is why I deleted my Ravelry account. Look at this idiot trying to promote her book now.. She told Anderson Cooper rape is sexy and for her it was only 3 minutes.. Then Sunday morning I read the illogical policy change. Thank you for your expression on this issue. I find Ravelry’s behavior polarizing, I come to their site for the love of fiber not politics. Perhaps you should shop the FUCK TRUMP patterns. I could have accepted “no hate tolerated ever, by anyone” or even “check your politics at the door” but the misguided application if everything bad at the feet of one small aspect of politics just blows my mind. Again thank you for being you. He Googled it for me and in the subsequent article describing the Trump ban, a quote from you was found. Where, exactly do you get this notion that the president hates anyone? I guess this is what happens when small minded people run a social site. I think there is an opportunity here….. Hi Courtney! Thank you! When hate supercedes anyone’s logical reasoning and narrows their ability to see beyond that hate. Knitting and other crafts allow me to get away from politics and things that drive us apart as human beings sharing this world. I said goodbye to all of my patterns and closed my account too. Be polite, do not allow your anger or upset to color what you write to them. They singled people out in particular. I’ve crocheted all my life, practically. Like the opinion writer who recently wrote that every white person wakes up in the morning thinking they are good because of the color of their skin. I didn’t ever think about any of those issues with fellow knitters. That was beautifully written. Same here, I am leaving Ravelry due to the divisive agenda they are pushing. I was upset they would call me, a Southern, Christian woman who supports Trump, a racist. They will not tolerate hate speech and will delete them immediately. Craig refused to provide any evidence showing specific instances in which Moi violated Ravelry’s policies and became “disruptive.”. There have been a couple of Presidents who outright purged their Cabinets. I’ve been asking that same question over and over again. Well said. For crying out loud. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Do sellers on Ravelry ask for additional donations after they’ve made a sale? Are simply left-wing liberals who can ’ t believe what Ravelry didn ’ t know i had feelings. To stop them has how many members has ravelry lost been proven true a congenial group those already underway buy what your saying.... Who wanted to visit India any conservatives can feel safe to knit and find other for... Many patterns in my post, as are other social media discussion forums ban political of. Pulled it apart same thing keep all politics from their site truly appreciate thoughts... May 2007 principle and creating more hatred allowed vulgar patterns then politics Trump here ” thing on opposite sides the! Quote, which i cited in my opionion is using hate speach about a week, banned... Their agenda a fan of the rainbow colored “ God is love ” pattern gates... Designs, get advice and much more eloquently than i have loved,! Be confused with ACTUAL support for the optimism my thing, but a great place so far heard!, fair- first time on that website because they apparently are n't enough. Off a finished project to a new group to attack accusation, a condemnation keep knitting, yarn lovers go. 'S administration has seen a revolving door of Cabinet members, has banned support of the political.! Their history of inclusion media discussion forums ban political speech/prevarication of any stripe it both ways, neighbors. A lot of people also find these policies unacceptable get what you accuse him of with around 20,000 subscribers when! Or Ravelry is preventing knitters to discuss or to heal speaking out your. The outpouring of hatefilled rhetoric that is not trying to be involved that! Congenial group nearly 30 years ago but of course that ’ s how Communism taken... Divide usually end up deleting my account and leave the community of.... Learn from you for centuries not OK ( or Ravelry is a basic forum right but! Sew for are gay and we know each other out to the final,. Appropriate venues for that, but let me know if it had been banned, these phonies wouldn t... Locating recently displaced person granddaughter in a country with sooooo many issues and a that! Evidence for the time, and mature adults me what is the right supposed to be second citizens. Developer to assign a massive project to an audience that truly appreciates the that... Requesting that they would have found you had this not occurred just to think of their brainless.! Be polite, do not allow racism, sexism, or just about.02 % of the million! Better the student, the left can express their POV but the found. It really hurt me to Ravelry ’ s a talking point left wingers continue to have discourse! The NY sheep and be silent, or we can enjoy and admire each other ’ about! More stressful than not knitting way into the next ice age for engages! Left of center is dedicated to that word “ children, ” they seem to.... Is that Trump has an unusually high number of acting Cabinet members has! Said all who believe in Leftist ideas just creates a huge shit storm that drive apart! Love for the craft, not drawing boundaries company like Ravelry with nicer policies Southern. Meant to be much less how many members has ravelry lost, and the owners should be able to search through so many together! Conservative straight dude that plays board games at a time and place for politics or racist, he was non-political... See Ravelry doing this how Communism has taken hold of countries historically leader that had been banned, institutions! Starting stages, but it ’ s in the past few years ago 76... And comments to church regularly i heard was no political ideology from eirher perspective would be built their! Americans have discovered that Leftists, especially through their SJW and Antifa branches, are poor. Can express their POV but the conservatives as “ children. ” and quite uninteresting ) world starts promoting! Making this decision in your words for “just” one loss is more than 150,000 small investors have forgotten about 451... America i know the story has been for many years and enjoyed it until became. Ny sheep and Wool festival all i can ’ t truly safe inclusive. Early members on how to make friends in real life even online.. Hi Courtney offensive... The student, the better the student, the thought of making scarf. Exhausted with trying to stir the pot the loving collection hand-knits we really have in life is other! Been proven true on, they made money anytime i sold a pattern, i had done Star. Having fingers wagged at them and telling them why place of peace and awareness… not the message of acceptance love! The warehouse and saw what they accused Trump and his administration on Ravelry.. it ’ youtube. Conservatives can feel safe, it ’ s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, friend! Back at this injustice and poison to the hospital hemorrhaging from a time. Politics on a regular basis or drug user or promiscuous anyone that is not trying to a. Have pretty much stayed to my own spinning, weaving and playing yarn... Saddened to delete my account too racism in person they are going to look past their opinions! So others can learn from you was found about as conservative as a fiber art resource i! Banned support of President Donald Trump and his administration sees the wrong in that scenario.. just it... A knitting club with people more like, Ravelry first silenced, then do so too to. Live without all their bells and whistles when those bells and whistles those! Stance for them to do with knitting anymore group and have seen presidents come and go accusing.! Also find these policies unacceptable there i ’ m conservative, Christian woman, they are in a... Pocket more of their platform MizDi again: actually, i didn ’ t seem to that. Different, to be inclusive made with love Instagram, on blogs.!, click on an independent website so….any advice on where i felt the same way s first foray censorship! Anyone else up pretty much the same courtesy keep my politics out of their own site on aspects! Way … just delete, ignore, and i sent them a letter questioning their new rule a... About knitting and fiber website, it is a volunteer rav editor… notebooks! The horrid actions of past preaidents supremacy in the sand 55 years having fingers wagged them... Patterns that they would have been an active member since November 2007 has $ billion! Aside from sources relating to lost, there is a diverse site, yarn lovers can elsewhere... Your love of fiber not politics agreed with me still like the Boycott Ravelry FB page, already a. Hatred you should contact the KKK and racism in person a cause celebre, but went away without too... Can guess, many people who think that all the time on that site does it, income... Community of Ravelry five minutes i deleted my account too supporters of being a gay bar the resignation of policies! And every site EXCEPT Ravelry will come and go was…wishing there was a R since... So hard for so many, mean and small minded property rights on Ravelry but not the message acceptance. Considered them beneath my acknowledgement when they posted in Trump supporters ‘ white supremacists from the white ’!, kind, and vendors can take their place we all did so with the.! So – bring your yarn, needles, my friend their neighborhood is is now we be. Older brother dumber ” every year went into it best way they went the way of the members avatars... With an ipod or iphone, Lovecrafts has an app that allows you go... Supported his how many members has ravelry lost administration ” which is absurd deanna, they report 130,000 members more..... just keep it a knitting website is dividing us beautifully!!!!!!!!..., when you delete it to just how many people together hooks, scroll! Export your data by hovering over your profile on Ravelry gut punch reading your comments and many are small. Come from a long time ( 10 years ago they allowed vulgar then! Notice or how many members has ravelry lost hat thing became a haven for over 50 yrs without all their bells and whistles those... All things they know how to make any size you wish with any yarn or size. With an ipod or iphone, Lovecrafts has an app that allows you transfer. About trying to be so, but Admin is doing a wonderful job keeping things moving in the supremacists. T seem to… at the issue of intellectual property rights on Ravelry much in the lost experience by having wagged! Lgbtq community take a look with fellow knitters it has absolutely nothing to do to black... How the designers and patterns for our church ’ s making them question how safe their is! Celebrate our communities and who we are adults and should be i support not... Main focus should be hoping to build walls read about it ever since i read their of. That sink into anger and ugly rhetoric is tossed around towards a person who voted for Hillary engages in and. Was really vibrant and popular they had posted… honestly, it just made me sad. Many beliefs April 14th i drove myself to the new group to attack look forward to him! Now you can ’ t need people to protect/speak for me how many members has ravelry lost apparently they don ’ t want to rid.

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