Social Spaces

In the spring of 2018, we asked folks what they wanted to see on this property. After hearing from the community at large, a disproportionately large percentage of people dreamed of having social spaces located throughout the landscape where visitors and residents alike could stop and take a restful moments, eat, socialize, and generally appreciate the beautiful 50 acres of the Providence Zen Center property. As part of the Permaculture Programs initial development, we were tasked with placing 5 seating areas, sit-spots, at various locations around the property where folks could do just that.

So far, we have added the following sit-spots to potential social spaces around the property; Stone sit-spot in the Pagoda yard, a Log Bench overlooking the Kitchen Garden, a picnic table in the Kitchen Garden, a log bench in the western tree line, and a teak bench in the front of the Garden entrance.

Social Spaces Phase I

Pagoda Sit Spot

Kitchen Garden Overlook Sit Spot

Kitchen Garden Picnic Table