Kitchen Garden

The largest of undertaking of the Permaculture Program came together after a lot of talking and months of observing, interacting, listening, planning, and drawing. We settled on an approach to build what would come to be known as the Kitchen Garden. The intention of this space is to create an environment where food is grown and easily accessible from the kitchen. It is also a place where residents, retreatants, and guests can relax and enjoy each-others company with food and a fantastic view of the monastery.

Design features include: 6-8 raised garden beds, an permanent outdoor seating area, fruit trees, a perennial garden space, an outdoor education area, and a blueberry terrace with an intentional polyculture of edible shrubs and trees backing up to the forest edge.

Galleries: 2019, 2018

Kitchen Garden Progress 2019 Season

Kitchen Garden Progress 2018 Season